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Care Bag Drive

When children are removed from their biological parent’s home and care by Children’s Protective Services or the Police due to child abuse or neglect, they generally do not have time to pack their clothing and favorite toys and belongings. It is a very traumatic time for the children who range in age from newborn infants to youth under 18 years of age. Our goal is to make this transition from their family to a foster family as supportive as possible.

In the early 1990s we began giving the children a new backpack with clothing, personal care items, and a toy for them when they meet their foster family and move to their foster home, since the children have little, if anything, with them that is theirs. We have found that the children have found the Care Bag is comforting to them and gives them something that belongs to them as they experience the trauma of being removed from their home and family.

The Care Bags consist of new clothing, personal care items and a toy, book and/or blanket in a specific size and sex which are assembled and labeled. The information below provides suggestions on how to organize care bags.

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Thank you for supporting D.A. Blodgett - St. John’s and the abused and neglected children we serve.