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Make A Gift

How can you help kids and families in West Michigan?  View the vareity of ways you can make a donation below:

Your gift will make a decisive difference in our ability to meet the critical needs of children and families.  Support from our community is essential for D.A. Blodgeet - St. John's to help the thousands of children and families who so greatly need our intervention.

The Homes & Hope Fund enables the following:
Strengthen Kids and Families
Help Kids Thrive
Provide a Safe Place to Heal
Provide Home and Families

D.A. Blodgett - St. John's could not exist without the support of its generous donors. As a donor, your gift will empower vulnerable children to overcome their circumstances and create a better future for them. An investment in children is an investment into the future of our community.

Special funds
Attend a fundraising event
Make an in-kind donation.

If you have questions concerning a donation, please contact us or click here.