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Kids Waiting for a Big Brother or Big Sister

Krystal is a 14 year old girl living on the northwest side of Grand Rapids. She lives with her father and uncle. She is active, outgoing, and happy. She enjoys reading, singing, music, swimming, cooking, crafts, biking, art and helping others. Krystal would like a Big Sister to help her with learning/expressing her feelings and to be able to talk to someone.

If you feel that you or one of your friends could spend 4-6 hours a month with Krystal, please contact Patty Neuhoff at (616) 284-5864 or by email at


Scott is a ten year old boy who has been waiting for his Big Brother since March 2014. Scott enjoys sports, especially soccer. He is also involved in Cub Scouts. Scott is a bright and outgoing child who struggles with attentiveness in school. Scott looks forward to finding a Big Brother who he can spend one-on-one time with playing soccer but can also be firm when Scott needs more direction. Although Scott is very bright and enjoys school, he is often bullied by other children in school and sometimes struggles to control his emotions. Scott would really like a Big Brother because he wants someone to do things with and someone that will have fun with him.  

 Shavanna is a quiet fourteen year old girl who has been waiting for her Big Sister for quite some time! Shavanna participates in our Bigs in Business after school program and has high hopes of being matched with a community based Big Sister. Shavanna is described as a happy child who needs someone to help her navigate life. Shavanna hopes to be a nurse someday and enjoys playing board games, especially dominos! Shavanna hopes to have a Big Sister who she can talk to when she is feeling sad as she tends to isolate herself.

Dominic is a thirteen year old boy who has been looking for his Big Brother since December 2013. Unfortunately Dominic’s father was recently incarcerated, and prior to that was very inconsistent in Dominic’s life as he often made promises he did not follow through on. Dominic is bullied in school by peers quite frequently and therefore struggles with his anger. Dominic loves to draw and would enjoy having a Big Brother who also enjoys drawing. He also enjoys playing basketball, going to museums, watching movies, and roller skating. Dominic would benefit from a positive Big Brother who is encouraging and can help him strengthen his confidence!

Alexis is a 14 year old young lady that lives with a single mom and 2 adult brothers in Wyoming, Mi. She does not have a close relationship with her mom. She would like to have a Big Sister to explore some new and exciting interest as well as develop in her social skills. She enjoys reading , crafts and talking on the phone. Alexis needs a big sister as she needs a special friend that can encourage her in her academics and the importance of education. She hopes to become a social worker one day as she wants to help others. 

Jermaine is a 6 year old biracial boy that lives with a single mom and three sisters on the south west side of Grand Rapids. Being the only boy he and his mom want him to have a big brother. Jermaine is shy but, once he meets someone he warms up easily. His mom described him as all boy and outgoing. He wants a big brother that likes to go fishing, swimming, and has a dog. If he had 3 wishes they would be to be a “successful man, super hero and the best man on earth.” 

 If you feel that you or one of your friends could spend 4-6 hours a month with any of these children, please contact Lizzie Masteller at 616-774-0185 or by email at