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Children Waiting for Adoption

The following children are waiting to be adopted by loving families. We encourage you to take a moment and learn more about our featured waiting children. For inquiries, please contact the adoption social worker at the bottom of each listing or call our offices at 616.451.2021.

Introducing Logan

Logan is a 14-year-old male with severe and multiple impairments. Logan has been diagnosed with the following: Mosaic Downs Syndrome, Hyperthyroidism, Reactive Airway Disease, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, Tracheostomy Dependence, Cortication of Aorta, Scoliosis, Physical Mobility Impairment, Developmental Delays, and Cerebral Palsy. He is nonverbal and unable to move on his own. He requires the use of a wheelchair or walker. 

Logan is completely dependent on others for his care and daily needs. He qualifies for nursing care in the home. He is fed every three hours via G-tube during the day with a special mix of formula to meet his dietary needs. Logan has seizures that are not controlled by medication. 

Logan attends a school for child with severe developmental disabilities five days a week.  He receives speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy at school. 

Logan is described as “generally happy, loves attention, loves when others play near close to him and read books to him”. Logan enjoys watching cartoons, listening to music, and watching his foster brothers play near him. He enjoys the company of others.  

Adoptive parents for Logan must understand his medical needs and diagnoses. Adoptive parents must be trained on all of Logan’s medical equipment. His parents must be willing to advocate for his current and future needs that may arise. Adoptive parents must be willing to have nursing care in their home, have a home that is wheelchair accessible, and must not smoke. An adoptive parent for Logan must understand that Logan is completely dependent on his caregivers to have his needs met. He will require lifelong care and assistance. 

If you are interested in adopting Logan, please contact Jen Fedewa at or 616-774-4627.

Introducing Jesse and Kyler

Jesse and Kyler (9) are funny kids who are longing for a forever family. Jesse is friendly and creative. He enjoys playing sports and reading. Jesse would like a forever family that will go out to eat, go camping and take family vacations. Kyler is funny and friendly. He enjoys playing video games and helping others. Kyler would like a forever family that will go camping and play games. The boys receive home based therapy, WRAP services, respite and they attend the Youth Enhancement Program.  

Jesse and Kyler have a difficult time managing and expressing their emotions. Kyler is making progress in the area of identifying his feelings. He is able to identify when he is getting upset and will go to his room. Jesse is also working on identifying his feelings. Jesse struggles with knowing when he is getting upset and requires assistance de-escalating.

Jesse and Kyler are in 3rd grade and academically doing very well. They are very bright and will complete their homework; however, struggle with turning it in. Jesse and Kyler have IEPs and are eligible for special education based on their Emotional Impairment.  Jesse and Kyler are working on coping and self-regulating at school. As both boys have had incidents where they become defiant and have meltdowns.

Jesse has been diagnosed with Mood Disorder and Kyler has been diagnosed with Mood Disorder and Nocturnal Enuresis. Jesse and Kyler are required to visit the bathroom every 2 hours. Jesse is doing well with going to the bathroom. He will still have a couple accidents during the day, it is mainly when he is involved in playing a game. Jesse still wets at night. Kyler is in pull-ups day and night. He does well with a schedule and prompts; however, rewards/earning items do not work for him. He does have some nights where he is dry, but is not consistent.

Jesse and Kyler would thrive in a one to two parent household. This family should be experienced, structured and have the ability to maintain clear expectations and consequences for Jesse and Kyler. The family should keep a consistent routine. Jesse and Kyler’s forever family should be patient, nurturing and have a great sense of humor. The family should be committed to making sure Jesse and Kyler receive the services that will help them reach their full potential. In addition, it would be helpful if the family has a strong support network. Finally, the family must be open to Jesse and Kyler maintaining contact with their older brother.

If you are interested in adopting Jesse and Kyler, please contact Katie DeJong at or 616.774.2056.


Introducing Sha-Quan

Sha-Quan (12) is a funny kid whose favorite animal is a bear and whose favorite food is just about anything, but especially tacos and pizza. Sha-Quan also likes a little variety during playtime. He enjoys video games such as Mario Cart, but he also enjoys hands-on toys such as helicopters, fire trucks, ambulances and school buses. He likes watching TV as well and enjoys listening to music, particularly on the weekends.

Sha-Quan needs assistance with basic skills, including hygiene, but is learning how to become more independent. He receives services at school to help him function at his best. Workers at his school say Sha-Quan generally does well in the classroom and enjoys his daily schedule. Sha-Quan does well at home, too, especially with structure.

Sha-Quan has been diagnosed with Autistic Disorder, Cognitive Impairment and Mild Mental Retardation. Due to his needs, Sha-Quan would do best with two experienced parents. The parents would benefit from having knowledge of how to respond to Sha-Quan’s needs now and into adulthood. This family should be highly structured and able to set clear expectations and consequences. The family should be committed to making sure Sha-Quan receives the services that will help him reach his full potential. In addition, it would be helpful if the family had a strong support network. Finally, the family must be open to Sha-Quan maintaining contact with his older sister.

If you are interested in adopting Sha-Quan, please contact Katie DeJong at or 616.774.2056.


Introducing Leslie

Leslie (14) is an outgoing, funny and sassy young lady. Nobody sets higher expectations for Leslie than she does for herself. One of her workers says that Leslie has high goals along with the ability to achieve them. “Leslie is a fantastic kid and has a lot of potential,” says another worker. “She is also a great student and does well academically.” Leslie takes pride in her school work and regularly appears on the honor roll. She aspires to become a lawyer when she gets older. Or a beautician. Or a professional shopper, if such a job exists. Leslie loves shopping. On her “All About Me” form, she lists going to the mall four times as an activity that she really enjoys. She also lists art as a favorite activity. Her other favorite activities include reading, playing outside, going to the movies and playing board games, especially “Trouble.” For favorite foods, Leslie lists mac ’n cheese, pizza with pineapple and ice cream, preferably butter pecan if you please. Her preference for a family is one who’ll be supportive and, of course, who’ll like to go shopping on occasion.

Leslie wants others to know that she’s nice, funny and “one of a kind.” However, Leslie sometimes struggles in her relationship with others, but she is receiving services to help her understand and manage her emotions. Leslie also receives help at school, mainly in math. She says that gym and choir are her favorite subjects in school. Her worker says that Leslie really dislikes missing school.

Leslie would benefit from either a single-female or a two-parent household. She’s stated a preference for a forever family with a mom and dad and siblings and pets. This family should be highly structured and experienced. They should be able to set clear expectations and consequences. The family should be flexible and patient while providing a calm environment for Leslie. The family also should be committed to making sure Leslie receives the services that will help her reach her full potential. Finally, the family must be open to letting Leslie maintain her relationship with her younger brother.

If you are interested in adopting Leslie, please contact Katie DeJong at or 616.774.2056.


Introducing Arreanna


Arreanna is an affectionate seven year old girl who enjoys having her caregivers’ undivided attention.  She enjoys fashion and would like to work at a store that sells shoes, clothing and jewelry.  Arreanna has participated in gymnastics, cheerleading and ballet.  Next, she would like to try karate.  Arreanna’s favorite restaurants include McDonald’s and Taco Bell. 

Arreanna has significant emotional and behavioral needs.  She requires constant supervision in order to keep herself and others safe.  Arreanna is also working on her speech and language abilities.

Arreanna needs an adoptive family with at least two adults who will be devoted to her care.  She would do best with a family that has experience caring for children with trauma and attachment concerns.    


If you are interested in adopting Arreanna, please contact Susan Saavedra at (616)774-1013 or


Introducing Alex

Alexander is nearly 12 years old.  He is an animal and nature lover who would like to have a pet someday.  He enjoys going on outings, including shopping, seeing animals at the pet shop and going out to eat.  Alexander likes to receive gifts, but he is also a great giver.  Don’t be surprised if Alex decides to share his joy by ‘regifting!’

Alex does well with adults who are not his direct caregivers.  He has struggled in family settings and will need a lot of assistance and understandings as he transitions into an adoptive home.  The adoptive family must be willing to visit Alex for an extended period of time prior to having him transition into their home.

Alex would do best with an adoptive family who is able to provide supervision around the clock.  Because the adoptive parents will need to focus most of their attention on Alex, it is recommended that there be no other young children in the home.  Families who have experience caring for children with traumatic histories will be given preference. 

If you are interested in adopting Alex, please contact Susan Saavedra at (616)774-1013 or


Introducing Marrion

Marrion, age 11, is an outgoing, engaging child with a great sense of humor. He enjoys being the center of attention and can light up a room.  Marrion is always ready for adventure and is willing to try new things.  Marrion loves sports and dreams of being a professional football or basketball player. He also enjoys karate and doing gymnastics tricks.

Marrion requires ongoing supervision, beyond what would be expected of most children his age. He is working on processing his emotions and improving his interactions with others.  Marrion needs a family who will support him as he works through his emotional and behavioral concerns.  He would do best with an adoptive family who has plenty of time and attention to devote to him. The adoptive family must assist Marrion in maintaining contact with his two brothers who are also available for adoption.

If you are interested in adopting Marrion, please contact Susan Saavedra at or (616)774-1013.


Introducing Christopher

Christopher, age 12, is an athletic young man who dreams of being a professional football or basketball player.  He is skilled at gymnastics and is interested in karate.  Christopher enjoys writing rap lyrics and spending time with his friends.  He can present with a tough exterior, but warms up when adults give him attention and affirmation.  Christopher is working on improving his attitude and behaviors.  Christopher needs an adoptive family who will stay committed to him even during challenging times.  He would do best with a family who has plenty of time and attention for him.  The adoptive family must assist Christopher in maintaining contact with his two younger brothers.   

If you are interested in adopting Christopher, please contact Susan Saavedra at or (616)774-1013.


Introducing Le-Asia

Le-Azhanique prefers to be called Le-Asia. She’s an 8-year-old African-American female. She can be a very sweet and charming young lady. Le-Asia is an excellent reader and enjoys visiting the library. She also enjoys playing with dolls, singing, coloring, playing outside, and making Lego creations.  She has participated in dance class and ballet. She loves to add hot sauce to many of her favorite foods. When asked what she wants others to know about her, Le-Asia responded “I’m interesting.”

Le-Asia is typically quiet upon first meeting her; although, it doesn’t take long before the true Le-Asia shines through with her talkative self.  She’s very bright.  Le-Asia’s behaviors are often more challenging than those of a typical 8-year-old female. She requires patience, understanding, and reminders of appropriate behaviors.  She often requires reassurance from a caregiver. Le-Asia has struggled with her behaviors at school; however, she does well academically and is learning how to relate better to peers.

Le-Asia desires a family to call her own. She is very close to her older sister and her two younger siblings who are being adopted by other families.  She desires to maintain relationships with them. She would prefer an African-American family with an older sister.  Le-Asia would benefit the most with two experienced parents or a single mother with a strong support system. Due to her behaviors, she would benefit from being the youngest child in a home where she could receive one-on-one attention. She requires close supervision.  She would prefer a family without any pets, other than a goldfish. She will continue to need counseling after adoption.  

For more information, please contact her adoption worker, Jen Fedewa at 616.774.4627 or to email her, click here.


Introducing Ascenda

When Ascenda walks into a room, folks take a shine to her bright smile. They might even take notice of her hair and nails, which she likes to get done. For fun, Ascenda enjoys doing arts and crafts, and she particularly likes to draw people, animals, flowers and trees. She also enjoys playing with Barbie dolls and board games. An active girl, Ascenda would like to participate in cheerleading, dance classes, volleyball and soccer. Religion is also very important to Ascenda. She would like to go to church every Sunday and be involved in the worship service and choir.

Due to the trauma she has endured, Ascenda has difficulty with relationships as well as communicating her thoughts. To improve on communicating her thoughts and feelings, Ascenda uses a journal and continues to work on processing them through the services that she receives. In school, Ascenda is very good at math, and she reports that she enjoys attending classes.

Ascenda would benefit from either a single-female or a two-parent household in which she is the youngest child. She would do best in a highly structured home with experienced parents who set clear expectations and consequences. The family will need to be patient and flexible. They should be staunch advocates for the services Ascenda requires to do her best at home and in school. 

For more information, please contact her adoption worker, Katie DeJong at 616.774.2056 or to email her, click here.


Introducing Angelina

Angelina (15)

Angelina has the kind of skills that will make her successful. First of all, she describes herself as being a good listener and that her peers often come to her to share their problems and seek advice. Angelina is very insightful about what she needs and wants. She is inquisitive, loves to read and wants to learn more about gardening. Angelina describes herself as “energetic, caring and laid back” with a good sense of humor and a love of laughter. Initially she can be shy, but once she gets to know a person and feels comfortable, she is very open. Some of Angelina’s other joys come from drawing, painting, writing, listening to music and being around animals.

Due to her past, Angelina can have a hard time letting her guard down and allowing people to get to know her. Angelina reported that she “loves everyone,” but there are different levels of love and she has a hard time trusting people. She can be critical of herself, but overall she is very insightful and recognizes areas she needs to improve upon. Angelina does have the tendency to misdirect her frustrations at times and continues to get help to improve in this area. She can have a hard time remembering everything she is told, but she is not afraid to ask for help and redirection. At school, Angelina has good grades and is doing well in class.

For more information, please contact her adoption worker, LeDale Hayes at 616.284.5870 or to email her, click here.


Introducing Daniel

Daniel (14)

Daniel is a friendly, kind-hearted and caring teen with multiple interests. For example, he quenches his creative thirst by reading, drawing, painting and watching movies, especially Disney films. He’s also a social, busy and active teen. He likes knowing what’s going on around him and with other people. He also enjoys the outdoors, likes being around animals, especially cats and dogs, and ideally would like to live on a farm. Daniel can be serious and humorous. He likes to be organized and neat, labels his items and enjoys cleaning. He also has a good sense of humor and likes to laugh and joke around. As one might expect from a child with all those traits, Daniel gets along well with his peers and is polite and respectful.

Daniel has experienced a great deal of disappointment and loss in his life. He likes to feel in charge of things and benefits from redirection to reinforce those things that aren’t always controllable. Daniel has made progress in his ability to express his emotions through appropriate outlets. At school, Daniel says it takes him longer to understand the material, especially math, but he does well, works hard and enjoys reading and science.

Daniel will need a loving, caring, patient and dedicated forever family. He would benefit from either a two-parent or strong single-parent family who can provide him with a consistent, safe and stable home. Daniel wants a family who likes to have fun and would keep him safe, encourage and support him and teach him right from wrong. Daniel should be the youngest child in the home. The adoptive family will need to monitor Daniel around other children and continue to help him develop appropriate boundaries. The family must be willing to continue and seek out any additional support services that are beneficial to his well-being. Daniel wants to maintain regular contact with his older sister.

For more information, please contact his adoption worker, LeDale Hayes at 616.284.5870 or to email her, click here.


Introducing WIlson

Wilson is a kind-hearted 16 year old who enjoys playing video games, legos, chess, board games, and putting puzzles together. He also loves eating pizza, watching movies, playing sports, and he wants to be a football player when he grows up. Wilson is a very talkative, engaging, and animated young man. He has some cognitive delays, emotional instabilities, and past traumas; which have impacted his social and emotional behaviors. Although he is 16-years old, his personal interests are more like that of a child much younger than his chronological age; and he usually relates to individuals younger than himself.

A Closer Look…
In 2006, Wilson was placed in Foster Care as a result of substantiated abuse and neglect. Prior to being removed, Wilson resided off and on with relatives due to his parents’ inability to properly care for him. The family environment was extremely neglectful and on several occasions, Wilson had to meet his own daily needs. In 2008, Wilson was placed with relatives out-of-state; however, the placement did not last, due to lack of services and support between the states.

Wilson is friendly, usually polite, and helpful. He is quirky, funny, and unique. He works well one-on-one with adults. However, due to his limited social and emotional development; he struggles with behavioral issues and has limited emotional regulation skills. He has difficulty following rules, interacting with peers, respecting boundaries, and meeting educational requirements.

How Can You Help…
Wilson requires a structured and committed family; that is patient, supportive, firm, nurturing and experienced with individuals with special needs. As a result of Wilson’s cognitive delays, emotional instability, negative behaviors, and past traumas; the family should be willing and able to ensure that he continues to participate in after-care services. Wilson will require continued therapeutic, special education, psychiatric, medical and dental services. Ideally, the family would consist of two parents with a strong support system; and one parent at the home full-time, in order to provide Wilson with the continuous supervision he requires. In addition, Wilson should be the only child or the youngest child in the home, due to his immature behaviors. Finally, the family should be willing to provide guidance for Wilson; participate in on-going training and professional assistance; and be willing to participate in family therapy with Wilson.

A little more about Wilson...

To see a video about Wilson, his interests, and what kind of family he would like, please watch this video.

For more information: Please contact LeDale Hayes at 616.284.5870 or email her by clicking here.