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Infant Adoption

**Are you pregnant and considering adoption? Please click here to be directed to our Pregnancy and Parenting Support services**

Infant Adoption
D.A. Blodgett-St. John’s has been facilitating domestic infant adoptions within the state of Michigan since 1933. D.A. Blodgett-St. John’s values all members of the adoption triad (expectant parents, adoptive parents and child), and offers a number of services for both birth and adoptive families throughout the adoption process.

Initially, expectant parents are referred to our Pregnancy and Parenting Support services, where an experienced counselor will help them explore which services will best serve their family. If a family desires to make an adoption plan for their child, the expectant family is given the opportunity to view profiles of waiting approved adoptive families. A majority of the birth parents we serve desire a relationship with the adoptive family both before and after the child is born.  The pregnancy counselor and adoption social worker work closely with their respective clients throughout the matching process and during the supervision period after the child is born.

Prospective adoptive families are offered individualized orientation prior to beginning the home study process. The family is assigned an adoption social worker who will complete a family assessment, which includes several interviews and a visit to the family’s home. The social worker provides families with training and resources specific to their needs. Following the placement of a child in the home, the adoption worker assists the family with the court process and provides post-placement supervision.

Following adoption finalization, families are provided support and assistance in connecting with resources.

For more information regarding the Infant Adoption Program and Fees, please contact Beth Brower at 616-451-2021 or