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Introducing Baylee

If Baylee has his way, he’ll serve and protect as an adult by becoming a police officer. Baylee also wants people to know that he cares about others, especially those less fortunate. “He wants to be rich so he can help the poor,” says his worker. He just might become rich if the policing career doesn’t work out since Baylee also wants to become a singer. His musical musings have Baylee dreaming about the place he most wants to visit, Paris. Even though he wants to visit Paris, his food preferences differ from French favorites such as coq au vin or escargot. Instead, Baylee prefers steak and tacos. When he’s in the mood to relax, Baylee enjoys playing on his PlayStation 4, and he lists “Minecraft” as one of his favorite video games. When he’s outdoors, Baylee enjoys playing football and basketball. Another one of Baylee’s favorite activities is attending church. “Baylee’s Christian faith is important to him,” says his worker. 

Baylee struggles with his behavior but receives services to help him improve in managing his emotions. Due to his behavior, Baylee requires strict supervision when he’s around other children. Baylee also struggles with behavior at school, but his worker describes him as “a bright young man.” Baylee says that his favorite subject in school is math.

Baylee is open to all family dynamics but prefers one who shares his Christian faith. Baylee would do best as the youngest child in the home. His new parents must be patient as Baylee transitions into his new home. In addition, his family must be strong advocates for the services that Baylee needs to function at his best. Finally, his family must be open to letting Baylee maintain his relationship with his siblings.


If you are interested in adopting Baylee, please contact LeDale Hayes at or 616-284-5870.