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Introducing Logan

Logan (age 16) is a teen that likes to stay active and enjoys sports, especially basketball. He likes to joke around with others and play video games. Logan reports, “If I could visit anywhere in the world I would like to go to Hawaii!” He adds, “If I had three wishes I would wish for a mansion, a Lamborghini and $400,000!” Logan’s favorite foods include macaroni & cheese, pizza, cheeseburgers and nachos. He reports, “When I grow up I would like to be a detective!”

A closer look…
Logan responds best to consistent and proactive role models in his life. He is doing his best to learn how better manage his emotions. Recently, Logan has shown great improvement maintaining his composure when experiencing daily stressors. At school, he benefits from structure and proactive staff members that will help him follow through with his goals.

How you can help…
Logan is excited to see the world and is very open to being adopted not only from Michigan but from any other state by a loving family. Logan needs an adoptive family that will be patient and have experience parenting teens with emotional needs. The family must show him that they care for him through feelings and actions as opposed to providing him with material things. Logan would benefit from a family that can provide him with a home environment that is structured and consistent.

For more information, please contact his adoption worker, Anna Surdam at 616.774.0199 or to email her, click here.