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Children Waiting for a Big Brother or Big Sister

John is a funny and likeable 12 year old African American male. He lives with his single mother and three siblings on the SE side of Grand Rapids. John enjoys basketball, football, video games, board games, reading, writing, and spending time indoors. John would like to spend time with an athletic and fun Big Brother. He would benefit from a Big Brother who would encourage him with his school work and making good decisions.

If you are interested in becoming a Big Brother to John, please contact Mallory West at (616) 284-5864 or by email at

Daniel is a soon to be 7 year old African American male who lives in the Kentwood area. Daniel lives with his mom, younger brother and older brother who is matched in the program.  Daniel would like his own Big Brother to spend time with.  Daniel enjoys being active, and he would like to have fun playing sports.  Daniel especially likes soccer.  Daniel struggles some with school, and a patient Big Brother who can help guide him in the right direction with encouraging school and supporting appropriate behavior at school would be much appreciated by his mom.  Daniel longs for a male figure in his life with whom he can have male interests and have fun.

If you would like to become Daniel’s Big Brother, please contact Tracy Straw at 616.774.4616. or to email her,  click here.

Izzy is a very intelligent and shy 11 year old African American female.  She lives with her grandmother and six other children near Michigan St. and Diamond Ave. Izzy enjoys being indoors, talking with adults, and watching TV. Izzy also loves animals and she aspires to be a vet when she is older. Izzy is well-behaved yet she needs a caring and consistent Big Sister to provide her with encouragement and to help her find her spark.

If you are interested in becoming a Big Sister to Izzy, please contact Mallory West at (616) 284-5864 or by email at

Alex is a 7 year old African American boy residing with his mother and two older sisters on the NE side of town. Alex needs a Big Brother who can encourage him in his academics and relate to his social and emotional delays. He really enjoys one on one attention and is in need of a male role model that can provide structure, patience, consistency, and positive redirection while having fun and allowing him to enhance in his social skills. Alex enjoys cars, trucks, games and playing sports.  

If you are a patient, laid back and energetic person and has an interest in becoming a Big Brother to Alex, please contact Dawn Anderson at (616) 774-4625 or email

Gavin is a Caucasian, soon to be 6y/o, residing with his aunt on the NE side of town.  Gavin needs a caring Big Brother who can be active with him and help him learn to manage his emotions. Gavin needs help with some developmental delays that relate to his social/emotional well being. Gavin thrives on one on one adult attention. A Big Brother who can provide patient, consistent redirection for Gavin to help him build appropriate social skills while having fun together would be ideal.

A patient Big Brother who would like to spend time with Gavin should contact Tracy Straw at 616.774.4616 or to email her, click here.