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Kids Waiting for a Big Brother or Big Sister

Arianna is 9 years old AA girl who lives on the S.W. side of Grand Rapids with a single mom. She is the only child at home as she has an adult sibling that is in prison. Her dad is also in prison. Arianna’s mom has health problems and she is not able to get out and have fun with her. Arianna is a mature 9 year old who often takes on the responsibility of trying to take care of her mom. She knows how to cook and clean but not how to be a child. She enjoys, crafts, basketball, bowling, biking, movies, music and more. She would benefit from a mentor that will be a positive role model and help her expand in her interest and experience some new things.  

If you are interested in being a big sister to Arianna please contact Dawn Anderson at (616) 774-4625 or email me at .


Dominic is a Little Brother who will soon turn 13.  He lives with his mom in the Kentwood area.  Dominic is a sensitive child who might be shy at first, but then he will become outgoing and become a jokester per his mom.   He could benefit from a caring Big Brother who can help him with his academics, confidence and helping him to manage his emotions.  His father lives out of state and has a limited relationship with him.  Dominic enjoys sports, drawing, and video games. Dominic needs a positive male in his life who can help him build his interest in sports and help him become more physically active and establish the male bonding that his mom seeks for him.  

If you can make the commitment to become Dominic’s Big Brother,  please contact Tracy Straw at 774-4616 or by email at 


Krystal is a 14 year old girl living on the northwest side of Grand Rapids. She lives with her father and uncle. She is active, outgoing, and happy. She enjoys reading, singing, music, swimming, cooking, crafts, biking, art and helping others. Krystal would like a Big Sister to help her with learning/expressing her feelings and to be able to talk to someone.

If you feel that you or one of your friends could spend 4-6 hours a month with Krystal, please contact Patty Neuhoff at (616) 284-5864 or by email at