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For Kids With an Incarcerated Parent

While there are many programs that reach out to the incarcerated, very few address the needs of children of incarcerated parents. The Big Brothers Big Sisters Amachi Mentoring Program works with children directly affected by this.

These children are invisible to most of us. Amachi mentoring is the passionate response to the needs of children with one or both parents in prison.

Currently, there are over 100 children waiting for a mentor in the Amachi Mentoring Program.

Who Are These Children?
They are kids ages 5-12, who have one or both parents incarcerated in a state or federal correctional facility. Matched children often remain in the program until the age of 18.

 A Child Looking for an Amachi Mentor:
• Wants a positive role model
• Is at least 5 years of age
• Will benefit from the encouragement and one-on-one time with an adult friend
• Has great potential

Mentoring a Child in the Amachi Program:
• Has the power to make a lasting difference in the life of a child
• Includes doing activities that both the volunteer and the child enjoy
• Is supported by a social worker and the parent
• Provides tremendous fulfillment to the mentor and the child

“The 7.3 million children of incarcerated parents in this country are our responsibility. They should not be destined for prison because one or both of their parents went to prison. We can offer them an opportunity to be different with this small investment of time. As a son of an incarcerated father, I know firsthand what mentoring can do.”

Rev. Dr. W. Wilson Goode, Sr.,
Amachi Director and Founder

For more information or to become a Big Brother or Big Sister for a child with an incarcerated parent, please call 616.451.2021 or to email click here.

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